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We exist to help companies and entrepreneurs, providing them with the necessary tools to manage innovation efficiently, ensuring the growth and profitability of their businesses.
Discover our solutions applicable to any sector of activity.

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Monitoring of innovation projects

Innovation Catalyst Process

Monitoring sessions for the launch of new products and/or services, in which we become part of your team. Our mission is to promote the use of strategic tools and innovation methodologies that speed up the process and contribute to increasing your company's culture of innovation.​

  • Innovation training
  • Strategic tools
  • Defining Success Metrics
  • Financial impact measurement
  • Concept tests
  • Project monitoring
Innovation Catalyst Process

Strategic repositioning of companies

Business Innovation Assessment

Innovation project that aims to study your company, obtain an in-depth analysis of the market in which it operates, formulate development hypotheses and build a business plan suitable for the implementation of strategic decisions. This process also includes an implementation plan with the actions necessary to achieve the defined objectives.

  • 360º analysis of the company
  • Market research and trends
  • Mystery shopper
  • Strategic scenarios
  • Business Plan
  • Implementation plan
reposicionamento estrategico

Validation of business ideas

Validation Challenge

Innovation process indicated to verify the validity of a business idea, in order to create a viable value proposition, useful in the market and differentiating.

  • Market research and trends
  • Definition of the value proposition
  • Mystery shopper
  • Concept test
  • Business Plan
  • Implementation plan
Validation Challenge

Internationalization processes

Settler’s Path

Internationalization potential assessment process, based on the company's internal characteristics and external opportunities. It aims to identify markets with potential interest and define a strategy for adapting the value proposition to them.

  • 360º analysis of the company
  • Market research and trends
  • Strategic scenarios
  • Concept tests and analysis
  • Business Plan
  • Implementation plan
Settler’s Path

Organizational incentive system

HR Value

Development of an incentive system based on a competency-based performance assessment model. This process aims to measure and monitor individual and team performance, according to your company's development needs.

  • Company study
  • Needs diagnosis
  • Listagem das competências
  • Employees interviews
  • Construção do modelo
  • Training
HR Value

Assessment of the company's culture of innovation

Innovation Culture Meter

Implementation of a methodology that promotes your company's culture of innovation. The process aims to enable the organization to anticipate innovation opportunities and manage them efficiently.

  • Needs diagnosis
  • Employee survey
  • Innovation culture assessment
  • Innovation training
  • Monitoring the company's culture of innovation
Innovation Culture Meter

Assessment of the company's intangible value

Intellectual Capital Meter

Process that allows you to know your company's market value, through the mapping and quantification of the knowledge produced and retained in the organization. This type of project also helps to evaluate future strategic decisions based on the value of each resource.

  • Collect information
  • Market Value Assessment
  • Definition of strategic objectives
  • Knowledge management
valor intangível

Optimization of sales in the retail sector

Retail Wizard

Continuous improvement projects in the retail sector that include: consumer studies, commercial strategies, internal training, competition analysis and standardization of processes, aiming to guarantee the sustainable and differentiating development of the business.

  • Company study
  • Market research and trends
  • Needs identification
  • Pilot project
  • Solution generalization
  • Implementation follow-up
Retail Wizard

Knowledge Management

Knowledge management

It consists of diagnosing the dissemination of knowledge within the organization, classification and systematization so that it can be distributed in a controlled manner and iteratively improved. It is about the implementation of the knowledge cycle so that it is socialized in the organization and thus is within the company's DNA instead of being exclusively in the employees.

  • Survey of the entire knowledge portfolio
  • Classification and mapping of knowledge by levels and by areas
  • Constitution and training of the in-house knowledge management team
  • Creation of video procedure templates or other applicable means
  • Definition of KPI's and monitoring of the knowledge management system


Robotized Process Automation

Inodev can help you by diagnosing and implementing the automation of tasks that in your organization can be performed systematically by a robot. 
The robot works 24/7 without rest. Performs repetitive tasks that for a human would be exhausting and demotivating.

  • Identification of processes to automate
  • Solution development
  • Tests
  • Go-Live

Investment evaluation and monitoring

Investment life cycle

Inodev, together with the investor, analyzes new opportunities, making a ranking of interest, investigates and evaluates potential promoters, evaluates documentation and prepares scoring.

  • Survey and analysis of opportunities
  • Financial and business due diligence
  • Post-entry Business Plan
  • Shareholder representation
  • Creation of documentation and case for sale
  • Sales process

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