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At Inodev we create

that respond to your company's ambition

We help you to boost your business to a new level, or to fulfill the dream of entrepreneurship that you have been putting off!

What we do?

Through an excellent consulting service, we want to empower you with tools that accelerate growth and increase the efficiency of your teams and your business. Our purpose is to ensure that we transform all resources into value and explore new directions, paths and synergies to reach new levels of disruptive innovation. 

People Engineering

Innovative system that consolidates innovation with sustainability and human development.

Disruptive Innovation

We have the necessary tools for companies to manage innovation efficiently, ensuring the growth and profitability of their businesses.

Business Intelligence

Diagnosis and implementation of automation of tasks that in your organization can be performed systematically by a robot.

Portugal 2030 - Internacionalização das PME

Conheça o Apoio para Operações em conjunto para promoção da internacionalização das PME.

As candidaturas estão abertas para:

  • Pequenas e médias empresas em Portugal Continental
  • Associações empresariais
  • Câmaras de comércio e indústria
  • Agências regionais de promoção turística
  • Outras entidades não empresariais do Sistema Nacional de I&I.

Já viu o nosso último case study?

Temos vários case studies disponíveis, sobre diferentes setores. O último disponível é sobre transformação digital na área da distribuição de água. Confira!

Why do you need to innovate?

Acquire financing

Explore new markets

Develop new products/services

Investing in a viable business model

Increase internal performance

Optimize Human Resources

What do our customers say?

I could hardly find someone [Inodev] who brings together the knowledge of strategy and management; project implementation; from varied and complex markets; with domain and sensitivity to the management and motivation of teams and all this in a relaxed, motivating and exciting work environment! Definitely a unique contribution to the development of my business.
Miguel Raposo
Instituto Galénico
It was challenging and contributed to a better understanding of our markets, competition, which way to go.
Maria Antónia Balula
Inodev is a great company of Innovation and nowadays that has a whole team prepared to serve its customers, its help was essential in all the planning and creation of Shoe Colors processes.
Luisa Mello e Faro
Shoe Colours
For an entrepreneur, in a current scenario of competition and globalization, it is extremely important to analyze the past evolution of his business, position it against competitors and trace the path to be followed in the future, based on a strategy of innovation and growth.
João Nogueira
The excellent interpersonal relationship with João, the enthusiasm he lends to the projects.
Paulo Mesquita
Brand Builders
It was easy to interact with all elements of Inodev. They quickly understood the starting point thanks to an efficient collection of information and designed the innovation project perfectly framed in PHC's values ​​and mission.
Manuel Martins

Innovation news

Inodev arrived in South Africa

Prometemos ajudar a encurtar as distâncias entre continentes e a apoiar os nossos clientes a criar valor nestes mercados.

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