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Optimize Human Resources

Human resources are the materialization of the skills of a company. These are divided and aggregated in t’s employees and, for a company to produce value, the whole must represent more than the sum of its parts.

Since business are the expression of a value proposition that facilitate and improve the lives of others its through human resources that this value is delivered to the market.

The teams are the aggregation of the skills needed in order to create this value. Organizations should shape their products and / or services to market needs, and the skills of human resources should be shaped so that the result of the company meets this goal.

InoDev developed the HR Value as the basic tool allowing you to look at the current situation of a business and evaluate and optimize the human resources skills according to business needs, and to which can be added tools that allow an accurate quantification of the amount of each resource for each business and industry through the following steps:


Analysis of the current situation of the company

Internal and external analysis of the company (customers, suppliers, partners) and competition analysis


Defining the skills needed to for the business


Implementation of quantitative valuation models


Implementation of control and report systems for skills and rewards according to the company’s goals

The importance of functional teams:


Materializing the value proposition of the company efficiently


Ensuring a constant adaptation to market needs


Contributing to the continuity of the company culture and to the acquisition of new talents.


Reducing the entropy in production


Empowering the company with an immediate capacity of response to new challenges

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