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Funding is a solution that allows a company to materialize and deliver its value proposition whether it is for starting, expanding or modifying its operations and using capital that was previously not available

The motivation, as well as the decision to finance a company can occur in various phases of the business and for each of them as well as for each type, there are different solutions such as:

Business Angels

Small groups or private investors who lend or purchase a share in the company in exchange for a generally low (between 20k€ and 100k €) value, in order to launch a business in its first steps of capturing the market and design of its value chain.

Venture Capital / Seed Capital

Groups usually responsible for large amounts of capital. Invest primarily in business with traction and strong viability indicators. Usually acquire a share in the company in exchange for a higher value than that normally practiced by Business Angels (+ € 100k). This type of investment is dedicated in most cases to enhance the operations that enable scaling the business.

Public Investment Funds

Such as H2020 and Portugal2020 public funds with the objective of funding costs on specific actions with different innovation goals. no shares or loans envolved.

InoDev developed the Business Innovation Assessment as the basic tool that lets you look at the current state of a business and design the process that enables companies to acquire the appropriate funding for its needs throughout the following steps:


Analysis of the current situation of the company: internal and external analysis of the company (customers, suppliers, partners) and competition analysis.


Modeling of the selected strategies and building of a dynamic business plan with various scenarios validated by the market.


Proof of concept.


Support during the negotiations for fund raising.

Checklist to fund your company:


The company has a business model that captures and delivers value to a customer segment.


The model can deliver value to a limited number of customers, but you must have the capability to adapt to deliver more value to a larger market share.


A equipa promotora tem as competências necessárias para entregar a proposta de valor do modelo.


The business and its profitability is of interest to the investor / fund to which you are trying to access.


Has a document that reflects precisely the knowledge this model and its market.


The business generates revenue that exceeds the expenses and pays-back at some point for the investors who enter it.


The promoter team has the necessary skills to deliver the proposed model value.

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Vasverde Case Study

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